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Found 4 results

  1. Dear VA Partners/Associates, over the past two months or so, we have been working on updating our VA Partner policy, based on the suggestions, comments and feedback that we have received from our previous post, discord server and other means of communications with partner VAs. For the time being, these changes will only affect VATSIM Virtual Airline Partners, and will have no effect on VATSIM Virtual airline Associates. Although, VA Associates should expect similar changes for their respective policy in the near future, as we are working towards that as well. The current VA Associate Policy can be found here. The updated policy is still subject to change, as we receive even more feedback from the announcement, although, we expect nothing major to be changed, except some minor changes that will be published in time. On this forum post, you will find most important changes written down below, and you can find the PDF document on the bottom that includes the full policy, that will be in effect starting October 1st, 2022, 0001z at https://vatsim.net/docs/policy/virtual-airline-partners. We hope that these changes will address most of the concerns we have heard about so far, most importantly related to data protection concerns. The policy update, of course, covers some other changes as well, including rephrasing certain sections, minor enough not to be included in this forum post for the sake of its length. If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding these changes, feel free to express yourself in the replies on the post, or on our Discord Server, where you can discuss the changes with us and other VA Staff Members. Alternatively, you may e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you for your time. VATSIM_VAP_Policy.pdf
  2. Hi all, for those of you who are still or again using Qutescoop (this is a link) or who are interested in testing it, download this version . For the time being you also have to install a local proxy-tool to convert VATSIM data from the new format to Qutescoop's legacy format, download the tiny software from Github. We have updated the airspace data of almost the entire world. You will be able to see almost all CTR and FSS stations displayed correctly. You never heard about Qutescoop? It's an old, but really good program, that will show you the current status of ATC and pilots at VATSIM in both graphical, but also in tabular way. You can search, list and display ATC bookings from VATBOOK. You can search for flightplan routes from vroute and then display them on the map. Here are two sample screenshots taken moments ago: By clicking onto one of the ATC station labels you can retrieve all the information about this controller. Zoomed into the London area to check who is online where and responsible for what airspace. It should be rather accurate, at least according to the data sources that I have used. See next chapter for more information on this. Data Sources Most airspace data have been copied and converted from the VatSpy Client Data Update Project. While doing so, I realized that its data is also not 100% accurate in some areas of the world which forced me to download, examine and convert current sector files of vACCs from around the world which was quite time consuming. It would be great if all vACCs would regularly propagate airspace data to the VatSpy Client Data Update Project if they make significant changes. Download Note: You can omit this step if you just newly downloaded and installed Qutescoop! To update an existing installation of Qutescoop: proceed to Qutescoop's GitHub-page, enter the Data-directory and download the following 3 .dat-files: firlist.dat firdisplay.dat airports.dat You may also download all the other .dat-files from this directory and update your own set as described in the next paragraph. Make a backup of the existing files before. Installation proceed to the AppData directory where Qutescoop is storing its basic data. In Windows by default this is C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\QuteScoop\QuteScoop\data to make it easy, create a backup of the entire \data\ directory, just in case something goes terribly wrong move the 3 .dat-files that you just downloaded into the \data\ directory. Replace the existing files with the new files Known Issues There are some minor technical limitations of Qutescoop that we cannot correct at this time. Before I will explain them briefly, the good news is that some of the old developers of Qutescoop are again around and may improve the product, personal time and motivation permitting. Qutescoop only looks at the "prefixes" of CTR and FSS stations, but it does not consider the type of station at all. For example, in the Azores there's both LPPO_CTR and LPPO_FSS. The CTR station is a radar control station that is responsible for the islands and TMAs around them, while the FSS station is a non-radar position that controls the entire Oceanic airspace of "Santa Maria". Qutescoop cannot make a difference between LPPO_CTR and LPPO_FSS and will display the airspace of the first one, regardless whether CTR or FSS is actually online. I have resorted to giving priority to the FSS station. As a consequence you have to make sure that you have a look at who is actually online LPPO_CTR or LPPO_FSS (or both). Whatever LPPO station will be online, Qutescoop will be showing the greater of the two airspaces (LPPO_FSS). This is how the sector data looks like with a SectorViewer Tool from DLMN: The same is happening in Canada at CZQX: CTR (domestic) vs. FSS (Oceanic). In this case I have given priority to the CTR station that usually covers both the domestic airspace of Gander (CZQX_CTR) and Moncton (CZQM_CTR). The consequence is now that even if CZQX_FSS is online, Qutescoop will show the combined domestic airspace of CZQX_CTR, not the Oceanic airspace. Again: you have to click on the label of the station and check whether it is actually CZQX_CTR or CZQX_FSS: If you think that it would be better to give priority to FSS over CTR, let me know and I can change it - or you can also change it yourself. AIRAC NavData Updates If you would like to update Qutescoop's NavData, you'll need to download current data for X-Plane 10 (not X-Plane 11!). Qutescoop stores NavData in your main program path: Drive:\xxxxxxx\qutescoop\Resources\default data Extract the files into this directory, you will need earth_awy.dat, earth_fix.dat and earth_nav.dat. Feedback If you spot mistakes, errors or inaccurate airspace data, comment here below and I will try to improve it. If you would like to participate in up keeping the data, let me know - help will always be welcome. Serious offers only, please. Enjoy! Changelog: 29 NOV 2020: own update file removed, link to GitHub inserted, new update instructions inserted 20 JUL 2020: updated airports.dat and new London LTC-sectors 30 JUN 2020: added NavData update instructions
  3. Greetings! We are pleased to announce that the COMPREHENSIVE CHARTS UPDATE is already 25% Completed! This includes Community, Principal (I and II), and International Airports across Luzon Island. We'll keep you updated on the coming days. Visit us at https://vatphil.com/charts. Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact us through our Facebook Page or Discord Server, we will be glad to assist. For further clarifications, don't hesitate to contact Facilities Department on ([email protected]). Safe Skies!
  4. So today 1 hour ago, I completed 4 hours in VCBI_T_TWR and I tracked 1-2 aircraft. When I disconnected, after several minutes, it was supposed to show my log, but it didn't. What to do now? I also tried after an hour thinking that Stats server maybe be slow, but still no updates. I'm confused at the moment. If anybody could help me woth this topic. TIA
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