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Found 4 results

  1. MHCC_CTR, MPZL_CTR online. Come and fly from and to our main airports MHTG, MGGT, MROC, MNMG, MHLM, MHRO, MSLP, MPTO. On February, 25th from 23:59Z to 02:00Z, Cenamer Control and Panama Control will be fully Active. Hope all pilots can join us on February, 25th, all VFR and IFR traffics are more than welcome ! Save the date! MHCC_CTR & MPZL_CTR When February 25th From 23:59Z to 02:00Z VATCA social: https://www.instagram.com/vatca_vatsimcentroamerica/ Charts: MROC: http://ww1.jeppesen.com/documents/aviation/notices-alerts/hubwatch/MROC/MROC.pdf MHTG: https
  2. Come and fly from and to MPTO, Tocumen International Airport for our traditional Panamas Hub hours, from 22:00z to 00:30z, Panama will be fully staffed. Hope all pilots can join us tomorrow, all VFR and IFR traffics are more than welcome ! Save the date!
  3. REAL CROSS FIRE You can choose between SKBO – SVMI – MROC - MPTO and we will be with ATC coverage during your flight. November 7, 19:00 to 23:00 z VATSIM COLOMBIA, VATSIM VENEZUELA & VATSIM CENTRO AMERICA (VATCA) We are proud to invite you to cross the jungle, cross the two oceans, enjoy crossing 4 countries; Colombia, Venezuela, Panama or Costa Rica in one day. Our Staff will provide all the facilities on, so that you will have a pleasant and safety flight on the route you choose. Hope to have you all here! Recommended route: SKBO & MPTO TOBKI1R VAS
  4. Saturday, April 25, 2020 – 20:00 to 00:00 (UTC) VATCA & VATSIM COLOMBIA… We're excited to announce our next event !!! Between San Jose, Costa Rica (MROC) and Bogota, Colombia (SKBO). Bring your jets, props and anything in between to check out some interesting terrain and full ATC coverage from Vatsim Central America and Vatsim Colombia. See you all there! Chart: SKBO http://www.aerocivil.gov.co/servicios-a-la-navegacion/servicio-de-informacion-aeronautica-ais/aerodromos MPTO Recomme
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