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Found 25 results

  1. Feature Request; Please make a status list for arriving aircraft. Just like having push, taxi, depa for ground, have app(for aircraft on approach but not cleared to land), land(for aircraft cleared to land), etc. for arriving aircraft. It would be great and useful if the devs made this. thanks! Also, if there is a way for me to change the items in the status lists, please tell me how!
  2. Dear members, I did already a lot of research on this topic, but still can't find a working solution. Is there somebody with an easy trick to get vPilot working in VR mode using FS2020? I already tried OVR tools and SteamVR, but it isn't working for me. I bought fs2020 via the microsoft store. So I am using WMR. Any help? Thank you in advance guys!
  3. There will be a Controller Practical test of Candidate @Kun Yu Lim. Come Fly-In/Out of VNKT and help @Kun Yu Lim to earn his S2 ratings. Time: 15:00z to 17:00z Date: 23rd April 2021 Venue: VNKT - Tribhuwan International Airport ATC Booking - Click Here! HQ Link: Click Here! NPL-Approved-controller Position above Tower is available to book via HQ
  4. Hello All, After registering for Vatsim on 26/11/2013(yes, 6 years 364 days ago at time of writing) I've finally logged my first 10 hours after plucking up the courage to jump in at the deep end, I must say, its not as bad as it appears and generally controllers are great even when you make a mistake. So if you're a newbie thats found this post from one of the major search engines.. Just do it! Jump in!(after reading some tutorials!) Anyway, back on topic... I've noticed A LOT of the models of other aircraft display as the default, not the easy ones such as EZY/RYR etc i think
  5. "Bhalo Bashi Kolkata" Kolkata, a city of famous historical sites, beautiful temples and splendid architectures beckons! Join us on 13/03/2021 from Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur all the way across the Bay of Bengal to the historical city of Kolkata. For details and everything you need, see below : Time and Date : VATSIM Malaysia vACC will operate from 1300z until 1500z Featured Airports: WMKK : Kuala Lumpur International Airport VECC : Kolkata International Airport Preferred Route: AGOSA A457 VPG Y337 GIVAL P628 VATLA W111 DOPID DOPI2G Preferred
  6. Hi everyone! We are glad to announce that Nepal vACC has it's very own official discord server. Join us to get the latest update about upcoming News and Events.
  7. Hello Aviators , India VACC Members in collaboration with Nepal vACC members are happy to bring to you, On the Sledge with Santa. A group flight departing from Kolkata, West Bengal (VECC) and will be arriving into the scenic airport of Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu (VNKT). This is an unofficial group flight organised by the members of India VACC with the help of Nepal VACC. More details are shared below. Hope to see you on the scopes. Route: DUMKA R581 ROMEO Charts VECC | VNKT Scenery for Tribhuwan International Airport-VNKT Payware FSX/P3D / Freeware FSX/P3d / Xplane
  8. Nice 'Single Runway' Ops (LFMN) Start Time - 1930z End Time - 2230z Your banner image - Short Description - Nice Single Runway Ops (LFMN) Event Description - On Friday 20th November 2020, Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (LFMN) will be in Single Runway Operations. Save the date, take cups of coffee and "Rendez vous" in the queue of the holding point of the only active runway 04R/22L. Be advised, some delays may occur... 😇 Charts : chartfox The French vACC team
  9. Come and Fly in the Bolivian Airspace!!! Full ATC will be provided every Thursday between 2300Z to 0200Z in BOLIVIA FIR. Just Join Bolivian ATC Service and we will meet soon in our available airports: SLLP, SLCB and SLVR. See You in Bolivia!!
  10. 1. CPT S3 Nice Approach [LFMN_APP] 2. From 2000Z 3. To 2200Z 4. 5. CPT S3 Nice Approach [LFMN_APP] 6. On Friday 27th November 2020, a serious thing will take place on the French Riviera. Come help Mathéo get his S3 rating at LFMN_APP with a flight from/to Nice. The exam will start at 2000z, for 2 hours. (I'll publish this on Vatsim calendar)
  11. FlightSim Community Survey 2020 Now Online! 13-23 November 2020 Navigraph is conducting a FlightSim Community Survey together with several major addon developers and organizations within the flight simulation community. The survey, the largest of its kind, aims to gauge the prevailing flight simulation trends and users' requests for future development. You can find the survey at vats.im/survey Like previous years, this survey has an emphasis on the major flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockeed Martin Prepar3D and Laminar Research X-Plane, but now also in
  12. When I connect to vatsim vía vpilot in fs2020, it says I’m online and I show up as online on all vatsim maps, but I cannot hear or see others connected to the network. What am I doing wrong?
  13. VATSIM Bolivia invites to all the VATSIM Captains on september 3rd to our Thursday Fly In. Full ATC in all the FIR. We will wait for you from 2300 UTC. Take your better aircraft to our skyes. Sceneries: Freeware FSX y P3D: La paz SLLP http://gusram5.blogspot.com/2011/07/aeropuerto-intl-el-alto-la-paz-bolivia.html Cochabamba SLCB, Alcantarí SLAL, Tarija SLTJ, Trinidad SLTR, Uyuni SLUY https://3dmodelbrasil.com/2019/03/09/bolivia-fsx-p3d/ Trinidad SLTR https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=79534028 Cobija SLCO https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=79534036
  14. VATSIM Bolivia invites to all the VATSIM Captains on september 3rd to our Thursday Fly In. Full ATC in all the FIR. We will wait for you from 2300 UTC. Choose your better aircraft for our skies. Sceneries: Freeware FSX y P3D: La paz SLLP http://gusram5.blogspot.com/2011/07/aeropuerto-intl-el-alto-la-paz-bolivia.html Cochabamba SLCB, Alcantarí SLAL, Tarija SLTJ, Trinidad SLTR, Uyuni SLUY https://3dmodelbrasil.com/2019/03/09/bolivia-fsx-p3d/ Trinidad SLTR https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=79534028 Cobija SLCO https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=7953
  15. I hope I’m posting this in the right area! I have been searching and searching for a way to get other player traffic to show up on fxs default gps. I’ve looked for freeware radars or gps, and still haven’t found anything. Has anyone found a solution to this by chance? IRL I’m pretty sure you’d have some sort of gps or radar showing nearby traffic to you. Thanks!
  16. As its name suggests, this forum is for posting of anything VA related, comments, questions, suggestions, etc, and civil consideration and reply to the topics so presented. The emphasis is on 'civil'. Anyone posting to this forum will be expected to be respectful toward the views, opinions and ideas presented by others. The forum will be closely monitored and moderated. Deviations from the expected civil discourse will not be tolerated and will be removed and persons submitting such postings will be subsequently banned from this forum.
  17. Welcome to the SOA News Forum. This forum is open to all VATSIM members who wish to view news items, press releases, promotion announcements, partnerships, and other news items of interest to the VATSIM pilot and VSOA community at large. Post's & Replies must all adhere to the VATSIM CoR and other terms of service regarding the kinds of content that is not allowed, such as commercial sites and artwork, unauthorized use of copywrite material (airliners.net photos w/o permission, etc.), or content not directly related to VATSIM online flying and Virtual Flying Organiz
  18. Hi there, I am interested in making a virtual airport for flyers on the VATSIM NETWORK. What I mean by this is, using history and a few other things to make an airports website but virtually. ie: real website: https://spokaneairports.net Virtual Site: https://vatsim-spokane.weebly.com I would make it look like a real airports website, but would like to link VATSIM things to it like downloads for pilots, atc, etc. I am looking at adding a departures and arrivals stat for LIVE VATSIM users but I am not sure if I can. Please let me know if I can use the VATSIM Name and Logo on
  19. Hi Vatsim Community! I have very recently decided to up my Flight Sim Experience through VATSIM. Watched every tutorial video, read reddit threads here, downloaded VATSIM and all required resources Vpilot, Vspy etc. All my excitement goes to drain because of this error from VPilot. I am scratching my head hard because I know it might be a very easy solution but somehow I dont seem to understand it. Attached is the error image and evidence that FSX Se is open. Please do help me.
  20. AviationCommunity [EN/DE] - Discord based Community The AviationCommunity Discord is part of a small community which is dedicated to Virtual Flying and Planespotting (IRL)! We have a variety of functions on the Discord, which allow you to get Charts, METAR and other useful things for flying in Xplane11, FSX or Prepar3D. Main purpose of the forum-like Discord community is the exchange of knowledge between SimPilots and RealPilots, which are also present on the Discord. DISCORD: Click here to join! Mentors and other experienced Pilots are ready to answer questi
  21. VATSIM South East Asia Division is proud to present our bi-annual division-scaled event, Light Up South East Asia! Spanning across 13 FIRs, we aim to provide top-down ATC services within each country’s capital. During the 5-hour event, we warmly invite pilots to fly into and out of our focus city to the other capital cities in the division.Our first light-up in 2020 will focus on Ho Chi Minh City. Join us on 27th June from 1200Z-1700z as we show you our warm hospitality.
  22. FLY IN SKBQ BARRANQUILLA - COLOMBIA VATSIM COLOMBIA & ATLANTIC LOGISTICS GROUP VA would like to invite you to celebrate together the Atlantic Group 1st Anniversary by Flying to Barranquilla and expect full ATC in Colombia Sunday, June 28, 2020 – 20:00 to 23:00 UTC It's a honor to us to have your participation, since we are virtual organization that have been in the network for
  23. Pakistan vACC invites you to another season of Pardesi Nights, fly into or from Quetta this Saturday the 13th of June between 16z - 19z and witness top to down ATC coverage. Date: 13th June Time: 16z - 19z Airports: Quetta ( OPQT ) Scenery https://library.avsim.net/zipdiver.php?DLID=204567
  24. Hello all, I am new to VATSIM and have downloaded vPILOT for FSX Steam Edition, i am able to connect to the network and connect to the ATC and hear the ATC correspondence, however I am not able to see other online traffic, they all appear as default A321s in blank livery. I am also seeing the default FSX aircraft in the default liveries (Orbit, pacifica etc). Is there a way that i can disable this so i can see the other VATSIM users correctly? Thank you
  25. Hey guys and girls, I am a controller down at Memphis on Vatsim. Recently i bought a new headset the Corsair HS50(wired). My mic is calibrated on my PC. Fellow controllers on Teamspeak can hear me just fine. When i hop on VRC, I connect, and the go to AFV Client and connect there. Everything connects fine. When i key up on frequency it just sounds HORRIBLE. When i go to the old VRC audio, i try to calibrate my mic just to see if it is an AFV issue and it still souns terrible there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both VRC and AFV. I am using VRC Version 1.2.6 and AFV Version 1.8.1. I
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