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Found 14 results

  1. Good Evening everyone! We are glad to announce Kun Yu Lim (Wesley) as the events and marketing director for Nepal vACC :flag_np: We are excited for upcoming events that will be hosted by our new Events and Marketing Director. Effective from today all the Events and Marketing department for Nepal vACC will be handled by Kun Yu Lim! Congratulations on your New role Wesley!
  2. There is C1CPT of @Bikesh Devkota in 19th Feb, 13:30z-15:30z as VNSM_CTR, Come Fly IFR/VFR In/Out of VNSM and help Bikesh to earn his C1 ratings. Candidate: Bikesh Devkota Time: 13:30z to 15:30z Position: VNSM_CTR Current Rating: S3
  3. Good Morning All. It gives me great please to inform you that @Dallon Pereira has been successfully selected to serve as the Events Director for West Asia Division (VATWA7). Dallon has been with the Network since 2017 and has some experience with Marketing and Design Making which will be an asset towards the West Asia community. Please join we and welcoming Dallon to the new position. Kind Regards
  4. Good Morning All. It gives me great please to inform you that @Mufassil Yasir Paracha has been successfully selected to serve as the Deputy Events Director for West Asia Division (VATWA8). Mufassil has been with the Network since 2019 and has some experience with Virtual Airlines and plans to under take Event Management in the near future which will be an ideal asset towards the community Please join we and welcoming Mufassil to the new position. Kind Regards
  5. Good Morning Everyone. A C3 Controller Practical Test is scheduled for this Friday 15th January 2021 from 1330z - 1530z. The CPT will be conducted on VIDF_CTR (Delhi ACC). All types of traffic are welcome to ensure our controller is pushed to the maximum capability. There is also an event happening at the same time. "Friday Night Live" More information visit Kind Regards
  6. This Friday, 15th January 2021, Fly IN/ Out of Bengaluru (VOBL) or Delhi (VIDP) during the event. Event Time: 1330Z to 1530Z There will be C3 CPT during the event at VIDP Charts Link: VOBL | VIDP Buzz your Friday with #FNL #DiscoverIndiaDiscoverVATSIM #VatsimAndChill #ExperienceTheJoy Check out our Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ6CYEMhP23/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. India vACC is proud to present "India vACC Précis", a Bi-monthly (Twice a Month) Knowledge Capsule, that will help us to elevate our knowledge, thus refining our hobby. Here is the link to the resource material: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GgoSEkj3DM4e7JXhWp7ATddxSulgUseHx7fHHSV1WfM/edit?usp=sharing More knowledge capsule's coming soon! Check out the Instagram Post To know more join our division discord: https://vatwa.net/discord/ #Aviate #Educate #Communicate #DiscoverIndiaDiscoverVATSIM
  8. India vACC is proud to announce a weekly event Friday Night Live, which will be happening every Friday, 1330Z starting 8th January 2021. This Friday, 8th January 2021, Fly IN/ Out of CHENNAI(VOMM) or Cochin (VOCI) during the event. Event Time: 1330Z to 1530Z Scenery Link: VOMM-Freeware (FSX/P3D)-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WXWznT1kHCY00p08LvUgIbVsoKr5e2fY/view VOMM-XPlane- https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/45380-chennai-international-airport-vomm/ VOCI-Payware (FSX/P3D)- https://secure.simmarket.com/advanced_search_result.php?key
  9. Dear All, Please join me congratulating @Arull Murugan in passing his CPT as VABB_APP held on the 2nd of January 2021 from 1400z-1600z. Thanks to everyone that flew and controlled other positions during the event. Check out our Instagram Post: India vACC Official on Instagram Thanks, Sanjeevan ACCIND4 - Membership Director India vACC
  10. Dear all, Please join me in congratulating @DEBMALYA SEN 1346403 on his appointment as ACCIND5 - Director Events & Marketing India vACC. Deb has been actively working on revival of India vACC and is one of senior members in India vACC. Deb, welcome aboard and congratulations on your new role, on behalf of @Brodie Murdoch Acting Director India vACC ACCIND1
  11. Event Name: Weekend PitstopEvent Date: 5th December 2020Departure: VOBL (Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, India) / VABB (Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India)Arrivals: VOBL (Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, India) / VABB (Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India)Time: 1230z OnwardsShort Description: India vACC Group in cooperation with the India vACC presents - "Weekend Pitstop" Join us flying to and from VABB/VOBL, with full ATC coverage on ground and enroute.Long Description: The countdown has began. Less than a week
  12. VATSIM West Asia Division is seeking potential candidates for the following position. Nepal vACC Director (ACCNPL1) Position Duties The following duties are a summarized description of the position which may be limited to the following. Overseas the day to day operations of the vACC . Overseas all vACC departments and ensures smooth operations. Appoints staff members according to the vACC Staff Structure. Reviews monitors and develops vACC Policies for the vACC . Conducts and reports a vACC Quarterly Report for the Division. Other duties assig
  13. Join us on event Kathmandu Online (VNKT), Saturday, 3rd October 2020, starting 1400z till 1700z, all IFR/VFR welcome to fly in/out of Kathmandu VNKT and help @Bikesh Devkota 1402934 to earn his S3 rating on Kathmandu Approach (VNKT_APP) Charts: https://e-aip.caanepal.gov.np/welcome Scenery: Payware FS2004 https://secure.simmarket.com/thai-creation-namaste-nepal-tribhuvan-intl-airport-fs2004.phtml Payware FSX https://secure.simmarket.com/thai-creation-namaste-nepal-tribhuvan-intl-airport-fsx.phtml Freeware P3D 1-4 Update for Default VNKT https://library.avsim.net/download.php?
  14. Pakistan vACC, would like to welcome you to yet another event to its capital Islamabad. Fly in and out of OPIS on Saturday 18th April and experience top to down ATC and give Shajie Hussain 1432770 and Irfan Kaleem 1361994 a challenging time to score their new ratings. We hope to see you there Date 18th April Airport OPIS Time 16z - 19z Charts and Sceneries http://pakvacc.com/
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