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Found 4 results

  1. Here we are, 6 months into 2020. I am sure we can all agree it has been a strange start to the year and an even stranger start to the new decade. For those of you unaware, it is also 14 months since vBAW (Formerly vBA) changed ownership, staff team and set on a new course. We have introduced a new News page on the website, and uploaded 3 news articles from the Community, Operations and Technology teams with their mid-year update. You can find the news page here: https://www.vbaw.uk/community-news/ We also have our Mid-Year Community Feedback Survey! SurveyMonkey says it will take about 10 minutes, though we are seeing it done in a lot less! This survey is important as it allows us to get your feedback on how we are doing and where you would like your community to go. It will be available till the end of the month. So please if you have some spare time, go check it out. The survey can be found on our Discord and on the VA. Links can be found below. Login: https://phoenix.vamsys.io/login/speedbird Signup: https://phoenix.vamsys.io/register/speedbird WE ARE RECRUITING... Route Planner(s) - We offer members the chance to become a Route Planner who help maintain the fleet and route network. We offer all of our Planners +25 bonus points per flight. We require our members to have a minimum of 25 hours of flight time prior to applying for the position as we would like the member to have a feel for the route network that they will be in charge of. Members can apply without the hour requirements, but please note your application may be unsuccessful if you do (unless previous experience can be shown). To apply please use this link https://phoenix.vamsys.io/community/application PR/ Events Coordinator - We are looking for someone to help with our events and social media output. vBAW is all about keeping the community together and allowing its members to have a say in what happens within the vBAW brand. You need to be over 18 to apply for the role. If you think you are a good fit for the job, tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to apply for the role. A knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is preferable. Be prepared to show off your designs! For more information or to apply, email: [email protected] Keep Safe and Keep well! Thank you
  2. Dear members, I did already a lot of research on this topic, but still can't find a working solution. Is there somebody with an easy trick to get vPilot working in VR mode using FS2020? I already tried OVR tools and SteamVR, but it isn't working for me. I bought fs2020 via the microsoft store. So I am using WMR. Any help? Thank you in advance guys!
  3. Hello! My name is Kareem Mohamed, I am one of the staff members in GCC VA. I something caught my eye as I was cruising on the VATSIM website, our VA is not listed as partnered with VATSIM. Even though Tim Wong made the announcement, we aren't listed, were we removed? Kareem GCC VA Staff Team
  4. Virtual Lufthansa.com Fly for the VirtualLH today! VirtualLH is a Virtual Airline which provides you with realistic P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers and Cargo Data. Fly routes for the company and compare your flying skills with others. Ask questions and have fun with our great community! Created in 2013, Virtual LH is committed to being a friendly and fun community for beginner and advanced flight simulation pilots. Our timetable contains 1640 flights drawn from the real world routes based on Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, Aerologic, Austrian, Brussels, Air Dolomiti, Eurowings, Edelweiss, Swiss, SunExpress, and SunExpress Germany. We have 851 airplanes in our database which represents the active airplanes flying for the 11 airlines that make up the Lufthansa Group. Using our Web Interface and SimACARS software, your flight experience is logged and reported. The website will keep a record of your flights for your log book and as your experience grows so does your access to the larger fleet and higher pilot ranks. VirtualLH has a Discord community where pilots can chat about current sim events as well as troubleshooting and learning. We offer Tours where you can take an airplane on a set number of flights starting at one of our hubs and going all around the world to discover our timetable. Virtual LH Pilots also come together and participate in Events online with VATSIM and IVAO. Come fly with us today and see for yourself - There’s no better way to fly Welcome Aboard! Join our community airline today! http://www.VirtualLH.com Website: https://virtuallh.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/PQVz5fr >> As real as it gets! <<
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