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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there! 🙂 I'm pretty new to the VATSIM Network but I learned a lot since I got here. For now I only fly via "text only". I'm listening to others ( ATC and Pilots ) and I try to understand what the pilot needs to do at that moment or I just try to guess the next callout of the ATC. So heres my problem: I'm still not sure if I'm ready for the Voice -> Send + Receive option and I was wondering if I can switch between texting and voice during my flight and if so, how do I let others know what I want to use at the moment ( I'm not sure if I can just re-file my flight plan ) I already made myself a "checklist" of the "stations" your're going through the entire flight, what the ATC may say to me and how do I repeat or readback. I already want to thank everyone who can help me! 🙂 ( I attached a screenshot I took, maya you like it 🙂 )
  2. I bought the Fenix A320 a few days ago, but every time I want to fly on Vatsim with it I got heavy Voice and MTL Lags. Thats only with the fenix and only when im tabbed into MSFS. I know thats probably a CPU Problem, but its not working that hard. In the cockpit its changing alot but usually between 60%-80%, when im looking around more, when im keep my camera steady less. But the lags are staying the same. I already tried different servers and got my Fenix display settings on Performance...
  3. Hi everyone. For the past 2 weeks i have a major problem. After some flights in a controlled area did a contact call with ATC i recieved a text message from the controller asking if i can use voice. I realised that ATC can hear me but i cannot hear them. Its been a week now trying to solve this problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled Xpilot. Updated my windows my GPU drivers. Everything is up to date. My sound configuration settings are correct. Xpilot is allowed through the firewall. My aircraft radios are set up correctly. Have anyone know a solution for this issue? Its driving me crazy
  4. Hi! Im new on VatSim, just downloaded and installed everything today. Everthings seems to be working, but I cant connect to the voice servers for some reason... Maybe someone could help me / has an Idea! Thanks for your help 😄 Luca
  5. I am new to VATSIM. I installed vPilot v2.5.2 on a Win10 platform which includes the minimum .NET level. No problem connecting to VATSIM as an Observer, observing the communications in text format between NY_CTR and London_CTR, and pilots. However, I am unable hear their voices. Instead, what I hear are bursts of static. Please let me know how to address this issue. Thanks, Zach
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