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Found 19 results

  1. When I connect to vatsim vía vpilot in fs2020, it says I’m online and I show up as online on all vatsim maps, but I cannot hear or see others connected to the network. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hello, I use VPilot on FS2020 and sometimes I cannot hear ATC/traffic and ATC cannot hear me on certain frequencies. I.E. I can communicate with tower but cannot communicate with departure when I switch over. I have my frequencies set correctly and VPilot shows I'm transmitting on the correct frequency yet I do not hear controllers or pilots and they cannot hear me. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hello Everyone, I just installed vPilot on my New computer. After Doing the necessary setup and booting up FSX, I try to login to VATSIM. While vPilot initially connects, With in 30 seconds it disconnects giving "Network error: Client authentication response timeout" as the reason. Can someone suggest a solution to this issue cause I was really looking forwards to doing a pleasant flight today. Regards Satanshu
  4. I have the latest version of vPilot - currently 2.6.5. I've got the new Microsoft Flight Simulator and the FS always crashes, while I'm selecting an approach. When I use the Microsoft FS multiplayer and I'm selecting an approach, everything works properly.
  5. Hello, everytime i try to start vPilot, it won't connect with MSFS2020. I am using FSUIPC and SPAD.next, therfore simconnect should not be a issue. (See attachment) I tried: - To read the FAQ - With both vPilot version 2.6.5 and 2.6.6. - Reinstalling with and without admin mode - Started both simulator and vPilot with and without admin mode. What i think could be the reason: - Installed MSFS2020 on a seperate SSD - Ran vPilot previously on a network with P3D Anyone who might have a idea?
  6. HI, I am using VPilot latest stable release with Ms FS 2020. It is connecting to the sim and working fine, but won't connect to servers. I keep getting this error (in attached picture). I've tried using VPN and disabling firewall, but that won't fix it.. Does anybody know how to fix?I
  7. Hi, when trying to download the latest version of vPilot from the website, both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge block the download, claiming that the download is not safe and might contain malicious code. Has the website been compromised, or why is this happening? Can you provide e.g. an MD5 hash of the original file to verify its integrity?
  8. I loaded Microsoft flight sim, and pressed connect in vpilot (I have set everything up prior to pressing connect), I connected to the network and then it claimed i have an invalid CID or Password. I reset my password once, and hand typed both the old and new one multiple times along with copy + paste. I also re-installed and checked for updates. I get these messages: [17:19:30] Connecting to network... [17:19:30] Connected to network. [17:19:30] Network error: Invalid CID/password [17:19:30] Connected to voice server. [17:19:31] Disconnected from network. [17:19:32] Disconnecte
  9. I try to connect vPilot and i get this error
  10. Hi all, as per subject I am getting continuous Network error: Invalid CID/password errors. I have reset my password multiple times and egg I am definately typing the currect ID and password (To my knowledge!) I am trying to connect using VPilot and MSFS2020 Can anybody help please as I'm eager to get flying 🙂
  11. This error appears every time try to use the vpilot application for a while, even i reinstall .Net framework and also reinstall vpilot and try with different proxy sitting . NOTED I choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR please help
  12. Hi Vatsim Community! I have very recently decided to up my Flight Sim Experience through VATSIM. Watched every tutorial video, read reddit threads here, downloaded VATSIM and all required resources Vpilot, Vspy etc. All my excitement goes to drain because of this error from VPilot. I am scratching my head hard because I know it might be a very easy solution but somehow I dont seem to understand it. Attached is the error image and evidence that FSX Se is open. Please do help me.
  13. I recently reactivated my VatSim ID and i am not able to connect to the network. I am getting following message on Vpilot client. [14:08:22] Network error: Invalid CID/password [14:08:23] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden - ) [14:08:24] Disconnected from network. Please help Thank You
  14. Hello all, I am new to VATSIM and have downloaded vPILOT for FSX Steam Edition, i am able to connect to the network and connect to the ATC and hear the ATC correspondence, however I am not able to see other online traffic, they all appear as default A321s in blank livery. I am also seeing the default FSX aircraft in the default liveries (Orbit, pacifica etc). Is there a way that i can disable this so i can see the other VATSIM users correctly? Thank you
  15. I get this meg Network error: Invalid CID/password i need help i cant play
  16. Hi, I was a die hard IVAO pilot until I realised how many light years away from Vatsims setup they are. Being new I have a couple of things I need help solving/explaining if that's possible? 1. The Mirrored traffic looks great and I don't think i'm having any major issue's but for instance, when I'm in my FSLabs a319, all the other A319/320/321's cargo doors and passenger doors will be open if mine are. Is this something I need to get used to or is there a fix? 2. Is there a way or setting up a key command to have the vPilot window pop in/out of view? 3. Some of the FLAi aircraf
  17. I have been trying to connect to VATSIM for three days and i cant !! i was having a stable connection with SYD-1 Server now since it deployed i can't connect to VATSIM every time i face Network error: Client authentication response timeout I have tried changing to all servers i have p3d v4.5 , Vpliot 2.5.2
  18. Hello all, My vPilot has been working brilliantly however I updated today with the auto updater and now when I load up vPilot and get the error showing in the screen shot attached. I am running P3D v3.4. Best regards Nayan
  19. Good day! I am experiencing problems with xPilot, vPilot and Audio For VATSIM ( For Controlling Purposes). I keep getting disconnected and get error messages like this. ("[09:55:04] Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Lost server connection[09:55:04] Voice will attempt to automatically reconnect.") Also, the transmissions are super choppy. I have a stable internet and all of these happen to me and they are pretty unbearable.
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