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Found 22 results

  1. Hello All I am new here. After I have set up and filed my FPL. X-pilot responds with: Unable to connect to the network. Any suggestions would be be greatly appreciated. P.S, I am in the VATPACC Region. X-plane 11.55 user.
  2. Hey Everyone THE last update of xPilot won't let me connect to the network (I have filled in the info of Password,CID, etc.) before the update everything was fine but this update just broke xPilot for me I have reinstalled it more than 5 times with the same results Sometimes it's stuck on "Waiting for X-Plane Connection" I have tried running xPilot before launching X-plane 11 and I've also tried launching it after I have a flight loaded in X-Plane 11 but still nothing If anyone can help me that would be Awesome Thanks.....
  3. Hey, i was using xPilot for like 6 months and everything was okay, but yesterday i was about to connect and it said that my password is incorrect, so i checked it and there was nothing. When i was trying to type something in it, it made Windows error sound and nothing happened. So basically i can't type or paste my password into xPilot. No idea why. Thanks for all help. Daniel.
  4. Hi everyone. For the past 2 weeks i have a major problem. After some flights in a controlled area did a contact call with ATC i recieved a text message from the controller asking if i can use voice. I realised that ATC can hear me but i cannot hear them. Its been a week now trying to solve this problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled Xpilot. Updated my windows my GPU drivers. Everything is up to date. My sound configuration settings are correct. Xpilot is allowed through the firewall. My aircraft radios are set up correctly. Have anyone know a solution for this issue? Its driving me crazy
  5. Hello! Recently, I have been attempting to connect to the network, but I noticed that I cannot hear any audio. I have tried swapping out audio devices, trying all sorts of combinations for output selections, reinstalling the clients, and even wiping all of the system settings, and drivers. I can hear other audio played on my computer, such as notifications, perfectly fine, and members advise me through text that they can hear me perfectly on frequency. However, I cannot hear anything, nor does the "RX" Light on either client light up. I'm not sure what exactly is going on, and
  6. I have CSL models installed on xPilot, but the model matching seems to be very hit or miss with its accuracy. Sometimes there will be a united a320 ahead of me, something I verify through the comms on frequency, and it will display as something completely wrong, such as an Air Asia a320. Is there any fix to this? Thanks in advance !
  7. I have a main PC running X-Plane11 with XPilot. I use a USB headset. I also have some speakers that I’d like to use. I want to be flying on VatSim with my main PC and XPilot using my own USB headset, and I also want to project the audio outside of my sim (since it’s a large 737 homecockpit). I could achieve this with some elaborate dongles and such but figured there has to be a better way through another client in observer mode or something. I thought about using Comm 2 but X-Pilot sends audio only to one location so even if I tuned Comm2, it will go through my headset. Is there a way to
  8. Hello Xpilot forum, Can someone assist with the attached image showing the error I get when I start the Xpilot app on my Win10 64 PC. I'm running Xplane 11.51 - this error occurs before I even attempt to start Xplane. The other symptom is that I cannot see the microphone volume level during the guided setup even though it does allow me to select my configured headset which has worked with xSquwarkbox. Thanks. James Marden
  9. Hello, when i fly online most of the planes has the right liveries but some from the same company like lufthansa are shown as something wrong like Korean Air. I dont know why. Does someone has the same problem? Greetings Vince
  10. When I open the application, XPilot is no longer in the simulator and I couldn't connect to the VATSIM network the problem is the last version 1.3.30, I need help please thank you 🙏
  11. Hi, updated to the latest version of xpilot last week but now getting an error in the message window saying that the plugin is out of date, how do I rectify this? I have tried to reinstall xpilot but it’s still got the error and will not connect. thanks in advance Kev
  12. So, I have used XSquawkBox for a while but decided to switch over to Xpilot. Now I suffer major issues. First of all, it crashes every 5-10 minutes. I have a pretty good computer and no other tabs are open, so that shouldn't happen. I also don't have any plugins, except for one that is neccesary for my Saitek switch panel. My other problem is that when Xpilot and X-plane 11 is up'n running, no aircrafts are visible. That is of course a big issue because I need to see the planes that are taxiing, departing, e.t.c. So, do anyone have the same problem, or have any idea how to fix this?
  13. Hi everyone, I just started a flight from WSSS(Running cloudsurf asia scenery), on a Zibo 737(4k graphics) on Xplane 11.5b9. I was flying on vatsim via xPilot 1.31 and shortly after taxiing, my whole com crashed. I checked the reliability monitor and it shows 2 errors related to xpilot and a windows error. Located below is the link for a google drive of my crash from xPlane. Any help appreciated! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DWI3dP6w_O_AKapkeZrk3wIZ2sHMTwpK/view?usp=sharing
  14. Who do we talk to if we have a request to add a new aircraft?
  15. Hello, I am on x-plane 11.41 and i am having issues seeing the other aircraft. I can hear everyone and everything but i cannot see them. I attempted to reinstall the CSL'S but still no luck. Any help? Thanks THIAGO SOTO
  16. Hi all, I have a big problem. I decided to switch from Xsqawbox to Xpilot. I did everything following instructions on the offical webside and youtube tutorials as well. Installator says installation is comleted, but when I click the finish button, program don't exist on my computer. When i click finish with 'start xPilot' option ticked I'm getting Error window which says: 'Unhandled exception: The operation completed successfully' and that's it. I click OK and nothing is happening... Does anyone have any ideas how to slove the problem and what is going on?
  17. Good day! I am experiencing problems with xPilot, vPilot and Audio For VATSIM ( For Controlling Purposes). I keep getting disconnected and get error messages like this. ("[09:55:04] Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Lost server connection[09:55:04] Voice will attempt to automatically reconnect.") Also, the transmissions are super choppy. I have a stable internet and all of these happen to me and they are pretty unbearable.
  18. Hello, I am using Xpilot I am trying to get back into vatsim after a break of around 6-7 months, however I am having trouble connecting to any server except for SYD-1. I live in the middle east so this isn't ideal. While trying to connect to any server, it says connected, however, around 10-20 seconds after connecting it disconnects with the message"The server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge".This happens on every server but SYD-1, and while although SYD-1 works,the voice has to reconnect every 2 minutes or so. On the other servers, even before i get disconnected, no
  19. Well I have been trying to at least attempt my first flight on VATSIM, but I am unable to do so because my xPilot is never working. It doesn't show up under plugins, whenever I connect other aircraft don't show up. The log does state "Error Code = 126 : The specified module could not be found." that is known to be the C++ Issue but I installed the 2015-2019 C++ and uninstalled all other C++ Redistributable in my computer. I already attempted reinstalling xPilot twice with no result. Same thing with my CSL Library and still nothing. I thought this might be an issue with xPlane because I am runn
  20. I have reinstalled xPilot several times. I have also installed and moved my Bluebell stuff WITH vertical offsets into my CSL folder. Even after reinstalling all my redistributables it doesn't work. The problem is that xPilot will load on its own, connect to the game, and I can hear audio. However, after consulting with the xPlane logs, it seems that the game never tries to load xPilot as a plugin (and as a result it isn't under my plugins drop down). For reference, I'm running xPlane 11.00 and xPilot (whatever version it updated to yesterday 04/14/20).
  21. So im using the most recent version of xpilot and it was working fine earlier today, but now when I try to connect to vatsim via xpilot it says "xPilot is unable to connect to X-Plane. Please make sure X-Plane is running and a flight is loaded." and I am obviously loaded in and have loaded a flight. ive tried reinstalling xpilot and turning off my firewall and nothing is working.
  22. Hi, after the recent xPilot update, it now doesn't launch and comes up with the error on the screenshot below. Have tried to reinstall however, same thing still occurs. Please help. Thanks in advance. Many Thanks, Shayaan Ahmed
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