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Found 6 results

  1. Good evening aviator, I have been flying on vatsim since January 2021. I want to spice things up and fly multi-crew. I have flown the 737 for a year and am flying the Toliss a321,A319 since August 2021. I'm looking for someone who is decently experienced with the A320 family and knows how multicrew works coz I'm clueless on how to set up. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi! Im new on VatSim, just downloaded and installed everything today. Everthings seems to be working, but I cant connect to the voice servers for some reason... Maybe someone could help me / has an Idea! Thanks for your help 😄 Luca
  3. I have CSL models installed on xPilot, but the model matching seems to be very hit or miss with its accuracy. Sometimes there will be a united a320 ahead of me, something I verify through the comms on frequency, and it will display as something completely wrong, such as an Air Asia a320. Is there any fix to this? Thanks in advance !
  4. Hi, updated to the latest version of xpilot last week but now getting an error in the message window saying that the plugin is out of date, how do I rectify this? I have tried to reinstall xpilot but it’s still got the error and will not connect. thanks in advance Kev
  5. Liberty Virtual, West Africa's leading VA is happy to announce a new hub located at Banjul International Airport (GBYD) in The Gambia (The Smiling Coast). Our Banjul Hub features a variety of routes to your favourite West African destinations including our main hub at Monrovia (GLRB) and a fleet that contains all your favourite airframes with custom liveries which are named after Gambian cities, towns and the country's first President. To join Liberty Virtual & to find out more about West Africa's number 1 VA and our new hub, please visit our website Air Liberia, Liberty Virtual Mark Tunkara LIB08 (GBYD)
  6. Specs: iMac Late 2015 Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB ___________________________________________________________ Alright, so I got my VATSIM account yesterday and I attempted to download Xsquwakbox (I spelt it wrong probably) today. The problem is whenever I start up X-Plane now and the game is reading the plugins, my iMac will crash for a reason I do not know. Can someone help me?
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