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Restarting Easyjet Virtual

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Doing some basic Google research, I was sad to hear that there is no current Easyjet Virtual.

This I find very upsetting, I intend with a team of fellow Vatsim volunteers, to restart Easyjet Virtual.


I will take place as CEO and president of the VA.


I will need a 'Techie' to help me setup, and get some VA software up and running.


I would appreciate any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance anyone is willing to give. I will proceed with getting us recognized by the real Easyjet and invest a lot of time into seeing it successful.


And naturally we will need pilots, to fly for us of course.


I appreciate any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance, advice and comments with regard to the project.


Thank-you for reading this far.


If you would like to get in touch and get this VA running, and be one of the founding members, please email me at:


[email protected]

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there used to be a pretty large easyjet virtual. looks like they closed.


the others i see on google dont seem active.


i'd try to find out why the big one closed, some airlines tend to not like people using theyre trademarks and will order them closed. i believe easyjet is one of those, so i recommend looking into that just incase

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I am going to pursue with this, and hopefully we can get permission.


You are best doing something like what Citrus VA and the other AirTran clones did; make a VA similar to the real-world airline but not using any of the airline's registered marks.





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I was part of the original Easy Virtual in the late 90's who got closed down and was only a registerd pilot - The letter from their legal team ensured I ceased to fly with them again!!


I'd leave it and try something different unless you have a great lawyer.

Sean Reedman

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I can only echo what has been said before.


I know members of their staff who contacted them about EasyVA and were told NO!


I own a couple of domains ie airlinevirtual.com and every year I renew it I get very threatening letters of legal action for having a blank website!

Pegasus Developer BAv Mk3


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