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Help Wanted - Regional Directors (3 positions)

Jeff Turner

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Jeff Turner

VATUSA has 3 Immediate openings for the position of "Regional Director" Applications will be accepted until 25 October 2005 at [email protected] (dot) org. Job Description shown below. Candidates should have no lower then a Senior Controller rating and must not have any disiplinary issues with VATSIM.




Regional Director


Reports to the VATUSA Director and Deputy Director, manages and oversees operations at a designated region.

Functions as a VATUSA HQ staff member and attends periodic meetings.

Monitors VATUSA-wide policy change proposals.

Works directly with adjacent Regional Directors on inter-regional issues such as LOAs.

Selects ARTCC Chief candidates using established guidelines after consults with Director and Deputy Director. Forwards selected person on to Communications director for annoucement.

Oversees operations at ARTCCs, approves individual ARTCC procedures such as position restrictions and standard operating procedures with in the VATUSA,VATNA and VATSIM COC.

Establishes periodic regional meetings, reports, or newsletters.

Works with VATUSA Conflict Resolution Manager on disciplinary issues.

Provides the VATUSA Director with reports on the general state of the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned region when requested.

Jeff "JU" Turner

US Army Retired




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