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POF file issues

Jon Stoops 1011320

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Recently ZLC decided to add another Center position in our POF file and we are having problems with squawk codes not being [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned correctly. I have looked at the POF file many times and can't seem to see where the problem is. I have logged into VATSIM as SLC_H_CTR and the squawk codes are not issued with the block from the POF file. Can someone please take a look at the below entries from the POF file and make suggestions...thanks




Salt Lake Center:SLC_CTR:133.600:20:S:SLC:CTR:ZLC:CTR:6001:6027

Salt Lake Center:SLC_C_CTR:133.600:21:C:SLC:C_CTR:ZLC:C_CTR:6001:6027

Salt Lake Center:SLC_B_CTR:132.250:22:B:SLC:B_CTR:ZLC:B_CTR:6030:6057

Salt Lake Center:SLC_A_CTR:127.700:23:A:SLC:A_CTR:ZLC:A_CTR:6060:6077

Salt Lake Center:SLC_AB_CTR:132.250:24:B:SLC:AB_CTR:ZLC:AB_CTR:6030:6057

Salt Lake Center:SLC_AC_CTR:133.600:25:C:SLC:AC_CTR:ZLC:AC_CTR:6001:6027

Salt Lake Center:SLC_BC_CTR:133.600:26:C:SLC:BC_CTR:ZLC:BC_CTR:6001:6027

Salt Lake Center:SLC_H_CTR:128.050:27:H:SLC:H_CTR:ZLC:H_CTR:4001:4047

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I'd have to check the code, but it's probably because you have an underscore in the suffix field. When matching controller callsigns to the POF, in addition to the frequency, VRC only looks at the first and last part of the callsign, not the middle part. So the suffix should be "CTR" not "H_CTR".

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