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PanAmVA needs Charts for Havana

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Pan Am Va is planning a fly in to Havana from key west to re- enact the very first Pan Am Flight and the first ever Flight of an American International Carrier...

I tried to look for charts on the VATCAR site, but couldnt find any...


Can anyone lend a hand?




Ben , I have some old Jepps (99 and 01) for Havana MUHA. If you dont get any let me know and I will scan and email what you need. You can reach me at wfcr50(at)bellsouth.net


We have had difficulty over the years maintaing a Havana FIR as the current chief actually resides in Cuba and I dont have to tell you the difficulties with that. Advertising for staff from the general vatsim population has also not been successful. We try and open positions with staff from other FIRs like San Juan etc, but this is not frequent




VATSIM Supervisor (ret'd)

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