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I was with SVA about two years ago but had to leave the hobby for a short time due to family and work conflicts. I followed all directions on SVA's site to contact their HR department about re-activation of my pilot status but after two series of emails to SVA I have had no contact. I have given them a good email address (same as the one I signed up with) and explained the situation. When posting an email to HR it says that you WILL recieve notification/communication WITHIN 48 hours. I submitted the first email Saturday May 3rd, 2014. I did not recieve any return corrispondence and sent off the second contact on May 5th, 2014. I have now waited more time and still no communication.


I have checked my junk mail folders and every side folder I have. I am not here to say anything bad about SVA, I know how busy we can be! However, could someone from SVA help me out or steer me in a better direction to get in contact with SVA?


Thanks guys!

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