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Problem staying connected to the network with Euroscope

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Hi guys,


Every time I am trying to connect with Euroscope, after a few seconds, I get a "Client Authentication response timeout" server message and the connection is dropped. I have tried all the VATSIM networks, from UK to US to Singapore to Russia.... The connection drops all the time and I get the same message.


It is very frustrating as I can't basically connect and do a bit of controlling.


I am aware there is a thread going on elsewhere in the forum, but no answers really. I have tried to reduce the visibility range to 1, but it does not help. I connect at relatively quiet times too...


I have uninstalled Euroscope, re installed, re started the PC, the router, etc.... My Internet connection is good, there are no concerns there. I have anti virus, but I have created an exclusion for Euroscope, just in case.

I get the message when trying to connect to EURW, I have not tried other positions yet.... However, I am sure guys connecting to EURW or other EUR stations do not have this problem.


I am starting to wonder if this could come from the way my Euroscope is set up, but I do think it is set up properly.... The one thing I find strange though, is that when I connect, initially, I can see all the pilots connected in the world and the visibility range does not seem to have any effect on how far I can see aircraft....Don't know if this matters, but I do remember being able to restrict how far you can see aircraft.


Anyway, this is all very frustrating and I am just about to give up, which is a shame as I was just getting back into ATC after a long break.


If you have any idea how to fix this issue, I am all ears

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Hi Fred


I'm sure we get this to work. Did you also try to login as observer?

Which version of ES are you using? Maybe try to use the latest public beta version http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html (copy and paste after 3.2 installed)? Did you also have a look at your firewall, because this is usually restricting connections, not the anti virus?

Jonas Kuster Leader Operation - vACC Switzerland | www.vacc.ch


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