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Virtual Cargo International - Launch 2018

Thorsten Sass 1328849

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!!! Happy New Year (2018) !!!




Dear flightsim enthusiasts,


a new "Virtual Airline" is launched today, named for now as Virtual Cargo International. Powered by THOPAT and S[Mod - Happy Thoughts]-PROJECTS.


Professionalism is the key that "distinguishes" this VA from the rest of the Virtual Airlines. Virtual Cargo International is not a simple Virtual Airline, we see us more as a Virtual Company that provides a big service for a number of renowned airlines. We are a professional, modern and solid Virtual Company for your next Flight. We represent a large number of renowned airlines. Currently we have a contract with Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Aerologic and European Air Transport. Actually our database contains 686 routes you can choose from. We are always looking for new contracts, currently we are in negotiations with DHL Express related airlines.


For our pilots only the best, we built a personal crew intranet called "iBase2Go". With iBase2Go we provide a powerful and flexible Crew Center System to satisfy our pilots needs. It is packed with awesome and fresh modules that you will love. If you love to fly cargo around the world, you will love to work with us! We have a big start setup included, message system, tours, events, log books, live metar service with charts, flight tracker, screenshot gallery, forum and much more. We believe that running this Virtual Company with a sincere interest in putting quality first will allow for a bright future. So do not wait and join today!


Especially we are proud of one our features, our VIP Freight air cargo system! There we have important jobs and priority cargo freights we need to deliver for our most important customers. That provides you as a pilot a wide and varied selection of cargo flights every 60 minutes.


Come and see what we have:



Come and start your career:


(Yes we have a little exam for you, just to confirm you are one of us flightsim enthusiasts)








And last but not least, please are patient with our iBase2Go v1.0. We tested everything over and over again but maybe you will find some bugs, I would be happy if you report them.



Thorsten S[Mod - Happy Thoughts]

CEO - Virtual Cargo International

Best Regards, Thorsten S[Mod - Happy Thoughts] - EDDS | EDDF | Virtual Cargo International

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