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The following runways are available: 05/23 - 14/32 and the following METAR is given: ENGM 120919Z 11015KT 4000 -SN BKN050 01/04 Q1020 What is the active runway?





I think it is 14, am I right?


ENGM (Gardermoen, Oslo/Norway) has runways 01L/19R & 01R/19L.


So, neither 05/23 nor 14/32.


Or, are you referring to another airport than Gardermoen?

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Hmm... I'll [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume this is a trick question. If so, the answer is either "None" or "Not enough information given."


METARs don't make runways "active" - controllers in the tower on the airport do (and their decision is then broadcast by an ATIS, not a METAR). Even if your real question was "Which runway maximizes headwind while minimizing crosswind?", it would still be a guess - as pointed out above, the runway choice doesn't appear to match the airport referenced in the METAR. Even ignoring that, it still wouldn't necessarily answer the question of "Which runway should I select for takeoff/landing?" since there are other factors to be considered as well.


Tricky question, indeed, methinks...

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I am very sure that is a question from ATSIM-Test and every question can be answered with the material provided by VATEUD and your vACC. If you are not sure how to approach that question, ask your mentor. He can tell you how to figure out the answer on your own.


To anyone reading this: Please do not post the answer, it will not help in the trainee's progress.

| Enroute Controller |


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As other people have already said, if this is an ATSIMTEST question you shouldn't be asking this in the VATSIM Forums. These tests are the to test your knowledge for a certain VATSIM rating and thus, allow all users to expect a certain 'quality' on the network.


Having said this, I think you should first try finding out the answer by yourself. In Europe most countries have public AIP, where you can find data and charts for (technically) every airport under their coverage. All of the information regarding preferential runway configurations can be found here, with an explanation of the conditions required to change them. When you start controlling more than one airport at a time by yourself, there will for sure be more than one occasion in which a pilot will want to depart/arrive an airfield which you have never seen or controlled before, time during which you will have to find out the runway to be used without any help.


If you are still unsure about the answer, then go ask your mentor. They are not only [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to you for training on the online practical environment, but also to get you to know all the theoretical bits required for it.


I wish you a future success in your VATSIM "carreer" and look forward to being under your control some day (if that's what you're going for)!

Néstor Pérez
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... and all of the above aside (i.e. if the reason for asking had been less questionably legit), a subject line more descriptive than "Help ASAP" (like "Help w/ runway selection") is an easy step that could [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist you in getting swift answers in the future.




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