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Please pardon ZABs dust

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ZAB has been hard at work updating our procedures and website. Finally these things have come to a head and now we're done. www.zabartcc.org


I know the biggest complaint pilots have had with the old ZAB site was that the site was hard to navigate, and that charts were impossible to find. No more! Pilots, if you fly into ZAB all of the charts you could ever want for ANY ZAB airport will be right there at your finger tips.


And finally, I'd like to ask pilots patience for the next few weeks as ZAB transitions first to our new P50 (Phoenix) TRACON procedures, and shortly the new ZAB Center procedures. These procedures are based off of the real world SOPs (for those of you so inclined, you may visit www.fredclausen.com/realdocs to take a gander at the source of our SOPs) and as such require some time to get used to. The training department, lead by Ed McCoy, will be offering cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es to our controllers so hopefully the overall disruption to service will be minimal, while standardizing the procedures.


Blue skies,

Fred Clausen, vZAB ATM

ZAB real life

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