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COVID-19 and the VATSIM Code of Conduct

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  • Board of Governors

Dear Members,


We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the implementation of VATSIM's revised Code of Conduct. At the time it was drafted, changes were made which included prohibitions against using the network to simulate, or otherwise reference events which may be considered disrespectful, or upsetting to our members. Specifically, Section A17 reads in part that "The re-creation of, or organization of events recognizing real world disasters, tragedies, or other such events, particularly those which resulted in loss of life, are not permitted."


With the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting so many people, we remind you that connecting to the network with callsigns referencing this event, or making comments in a flightplan referencing the same is not permitted.


Thank you,

The VATSIM Board of Governors

Tim Barber

VATSIM President

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