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Mats Edvin Aaro

VATSIM Screenshot of the Week contest

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VATSIM Screenshot of the Week Contest 

Send in your flight simulation screenshots and get your picture featured on the official VATSIM Social media outlets! Every Tuesday we will announce the winner of last week and a new theme for this week on our social media is posted every Wednesday.

The screenshot that fits the theme the best will win!

How to win 

1. View this week's theme by going to the relevant thread in this subforum

2. Post your amazing screenshot, that fits this week's theme, on Twitter or on our Instagram.

3. Make sure you follow @vatsim on Twitter and @vatsimnet on Instagram and tag your post with #VATsnap and @vatsim for Twitter or @vatsimnet for Instagram.

4. In your post, tell us something about the screenshot, like the location it was taken, what sim you are using and any other details you think we would like to know!

5. Tell us who to credit for the screenshot. This can be your (full) name or nickname. If you don’t provide one we will use your Twitter og Instagram handle, your name will appear on all our social media channels and you will be tagged if you win.

6. Wait impatiently for Tuesday when the winner is announced and hopefully your screenshot is posted... (Psst, while you are waiting, come fly on VATSIM) 

Rules & Conditions

1. The screenshot needs to be of high quality and resolution or it will not be considered (No crappy JPEGs, preferably 1920x1080 or larger). 

2. No real life pictures, only simulator screenshots are allowed. 

3. You can only enter with 1 screenshot every week (That means you have 52 opportunities to win each year!). 

4. Submissions have to be posted through the #VATsnap hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

5. If you enter the contest you give VATSIM permission to use, edit and post the submitted screenshot on all our online channels, now and in the future. 

6. Winners will be credited with their Twitter or Instagram handle if no other name is explicitly provided to us due to privacy.

Good luck, everyone!

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Mats Edvin Aarø
VATSIM General Manager: Member Engagement
VATSIM Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4

Email: [email protected]


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VATSIM Screenshot of the Week Contest Overview

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