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Full windows crash shortly after taxiing

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Hi everyone, I just started a flight from WSSS(Running cloudsurf asia scenery), on a Zibo 737(4k graphics) on Xplane 11.5b9. I was flying on vatsim via xPilot 1.31 and shortly after taxiing, my whole com crashed. I checked the reliability monitor and it shows 2 errors related to xpilot and a windows error. Located below is the link for a google drive of my crash from xPlane. Any help appreciated! 

2nd Crash.png

First crash.png

Windows crash.png

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The timestamps in the screenshots are all different. I don't the error in the dmp file you provided would have caused a system crash; only an X-Plane crash. Regardless, the next version will include a fix for the crash in the dmp file.

Edit: The crash dump you provided has a timestamp that matches your first screenshot, so something else caused your computer to crash, not xPilot.

Edited by Justin Shannon

Controller (C3), Los Angeles ARTCC
Developer: xPilot, vATIS

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