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Fake Plane Fliers

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Come join us for our launch event!

Fake Plane Fliers, a new Discord Server, is hosting a launch event on Friday, July 31st at 7 PM Central time. We will be flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas! Grab your favorite jet and join in the fun!

Our server focuses on laid back flying of all types - airliners, GA, helicopters... we love it all! We enjoy flying together without the limitations of other virtual groups. We are planning on hosting our own monthly events in addition to taking part in other events on the VATSIM network.

We would love to see you in the virtual skies. Join us here: https://discord.gg/5nPuVNq

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On 7/18/2020 at 3:34 AM, Mike Lehkamp said:

Please explain. Thank you.


So other virtual groups have limitations. For example, a virtual airline may only fly certain planes to certain destinations.  Like Southwest, for example. They only fly the 737. I love the 737 and really enjoy flying it. But sometimes I want to fly a different jet that they don't operate. They may also tell you how often you have to fly. We just enjoy organizing group flights and getting on the network together. No strings attached.

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