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Good morning all!

I wanted to check that this is okay before I actually go ahead and start it. My idea was to take the .json files that vatsim provide with data for the users and controllers connected and provide a full REST API to query it rather than having to filter the data from the file each request. The plan would be to open source this so there is full visibility on what the code is doing and people would be welcome to contribute to it should the so wish.

Partly this is to help with a project that I am creating myself to allow me not to filter the entire file everytime I need some piece of data, rather let the server handle that for me.

I have had a look around and seen that others on GitHub are using Vatsim data in their projects, I just wanted to check that I wouldnt be violating any Vatsim Rules by making a REST API from the public json urls?

Cheers! 🙂





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