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Structuring the ACCWAF Airspace

Felipe Flack Cartaxo

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Good night,

I am the ACCWAF ATC Training Manager, I want to communicate that we are structuring the airspace for the best flight simulation by members, both pilots and ATC.

Initially we will keep all airports free as it is, understanding that the demand for active members for air traffic control is low, but soon we will be delimiting some aerodromes for better simulation and experience.

Today, something that we do not have and will apply is the creation of ICAO smaller aerodromes, those that have active ICAO, but we do not have it in our base, these aerodromes are important even for the future demand of our region.

Because ACCWAF is too big and requires several countries on the African continent, we are initially with free access to all air traffic controllers in any country over WAF territory, but we will soon create a restriction.

VAs are welcome at WAF, however we know that the vast majority are looking for ATC online to operate in the region, and you can be sure we will soon have it.

We are open to receiving contact from VAs for the creation of a HUB in WAF, as well as contacting our division director and I ATC manager, I will work on a structure for ATC control at the aerodrome that creates the HUB.

Visiting controllers, we are always open to receive you as well as transfer controllers.

We are open to new tips as well as advice.

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