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Unable to see [Controllers in range], also ATC unable to see me on radar screen

Constantine Jin

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After updating the latest version of vPilot(v3.4.7), the first several flights are all OK. But when I was on short final of KBOS on my Fenix A320 in MSFS, the ATC told me that he lost my radar contact. I've restarted my simulator and vPilot, and tried other aircrafts like PMDG B737-800, however nothing changed. I can hear the voice from ATCs and other pilots (and they can hear me loud and clear as well), but the ATC said he can't see me anyway on radar, and I cannot find myself on SimAware - Real-Time VATSIM Flight Tracking neither. Also I cann't see other traffic as well (I guess they cann't see me as well). 

Screenshot 2022-10-30 013057.jpg

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