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Announcing the new VATUSA ACE Team

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Announcing the new VATUSA ACE Team


Congratulations to the following VATUSA controllers who have been selected for the VATUSA ACE Team, our Advanced Controllers for Events.


The ACE Team is a group of highly skilled advanced controllers who volunteered to make themselves available for [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting ARTCC’s with event staffing upon request of the ARTCC. These controllers completed a rigorous screening process, and represent some of the best of VATUSA controlling ability.


Join me in congratulating these fine volunteers, and in thanking all the controllers who applied for this special unit.


Craig Merriman VATNA

Tom Seeley VATUSA Staff

Roger Curtiss VATUSA Staff

Nate Johns ZAB

Todd Cole ZAU

Aaron Barclay ZAU

Andrew Doubleday ZAU

Chris Smith ZBW

Mike Roda ZDC

Josh Rosard ZDV

Able Tuinei ZHN/HCF

Justin McElvaney ZHU

John Binner ZJX

Ian Elchitz ZLA

Robbie Brehm ZMA

Timothy Boger ZMP

Karl Kleiber ZNY

Sam Hudis ZNY

Richard Walls ZOA

Adam Landry ZOB

Bob Carmona ZOB


Karen D. Dunbar

Events Director


[email protected]

Ric Ruminski I1


Communications Manager VATUSA

email: VATUSA11 (at) vatusa.net

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Thanks guys,


I don't think many people love me very much... but I'm perfectly fine with that.

You are like a brother to us, Andrew. (Not the brother you get along with, but rather the older brother that nags you constantly)

Brian Beach

VatsimPHP Developer: http://www.bbflights.com/VatsimPHP/

AFA Detroit Hub Director: http://www.flyafa.com/


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O.K. Enough of the touchy feelie stuff.


Seriously, congratulations to all selected!


I don't understand though, why they just didn't use the ZAU roster...

...everbody knows we're the best.




Don't get me started.



Brad Littlejohn

ZLA Senior Controller


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