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.sct2 Sector File Format?

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Firstly, let me congrtulate you on a lovely piece of software. Being a staunch VRC user, I had resisted change until this week when I got wind of someone customising the layout of EuroScope to emulate the Skyline System that New Zealand uses and thought I would give it a go.


While a VERTICAL learning curve from VRC, the features that ES has has blown me away. I've been controlling since the very early SATCO days and ProController and have watched the development of ATC clients with a great deal of interest. Each one has brought about new challenges and ES is no exception.


Just a quick question that I can't find reference to in the manual or on the forums here (searched for sct2 and didn't find what I needed). When I go to load a sector, I only get an option to load a Sector File with the .sct so I am right in guessing the EuroScope doesn't support the newer .sct2 sector file format???



Mark Richards (811451)

Vice President Operations (VATGOV2)

Auckland, New Zealand



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