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[Dec 25-28 10:00-02:0Z] Holiday of Holidays - Fly in Israel!

Eyal Seminar 1000511

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Imagine your plane on the runway 12 ILS approach to Ben Gurion INTL airport... The city lights glitter all around you as you p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the outer marker on top of the Meir Shalom tower downtown Tel Aviv.

Imagine yourself in an airport full of airplanes and ATC whenever to log in. An airport releasing more flights per hour than it's real world counterpart is certified to...

Imagine celebrating the the three "Abrahamic" religions' holidays by flying to the holy land...


Now, VATIL calls you to wake up and stop imagining!!!



We would like to invite you all to VATIL’s annual "Holiday of Holidays" Control Center event and celebrate with us the three holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas and Eid-Al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) !!!


The event will start on Thursday, December 25th at 10:00zulu, and will continue with non-stop full ATC coverage until sunday the 28th 02:00 UTC. This way we hope to provide special opportunity for all of you to join us, regardless of time-zone differences, and experience Israel's views and our excellent ATC!


During the event, we will operate a special "Control Center", simulating all of Ben Gurion International airport's ATC positions, fromClearance Delivery to Approach & Tel Aviv center. This "Center" will provide over 72 Hours of full ATC coverage at LLBG, so all of you out there will have a chance to enjoy it regardless of time zone!


Hope to see you all in our biggest event of the year's.



For more information visit:


Eyal Seminar




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