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VATEUD Event Calendar

Dennis Mangold 973237

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Hello everyone!


I would like to thank all at VATEUD for their Event Calendar, which is a wonderful planning tool.

However, it would like to ask whether it would be possible to add a legend/key regarding the colours?


I have, for instance, deduced that yellow fields are multi day events but I have not yet found out what the difference between green and red (single) events is.


Thank you for consideration...



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Hi Dennis,

As far as I can see Red is for an ATC exam, in this instance on EDDH_TWR. It also looks as if Yellow is for weekly events. I then presume Green is the left over ones or possibly just means one off events. But thats just an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption.

Hope that helps,


Vatsim Germany | S2 | Düsseldorf RG | Köln

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