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By Kyle Ramsey 810181
#490960 VATSIM is requesting applications for those qualified and interested in the position of Vice President, Operations (VATGOV2). This role is a full voting member of the Board of Governors.


This Governor’s primary responsibilities:
To oversee the day-to-day operation and administration of the network.
To take a leading role in the design and implementation of global strategy and policy.
To report key performance indicators to the Board of Governors and membership at regular intervals to measure trends on the network.
To liaise with members of the Board of Governors, the Executive Committee and other VATSIM staff to ensure a consistent approach in order to optimise success.
To manage the approval of charity events and other special uses of the network.
Other duties and projects as delegated by the President.

The application format is that of a resume or CV, and should begin with the member's name, VATSIM ID number, email address, Skype address, or any other reliable means of contact. It should then describe the member’s activities, skills and strengths as demonstrated both inside and outside the VATSIM network.

Proven skills in management and personnel matters.
Proven experience in the understanding and delivery of VATSIM policy.
An excellent understanding of the opportunities and challenges the network faces.
Significant experience and active presence on VATSIM network.
Previous experience in a Division/Region staff capacity.
Be a member in good standing with a clean VATSIM record.

Please email your CV with details on how you meet the requirements and any background and skills that may apply to [email protected] by Sept 26, 2015 2359z for consideration by the selection team.
By Gunnar Lindahl 967365
#491797 The application window has now closed. Thank you to all who applied.

All applicants should have received an acknowledgement of their application. If you haven't got one, please send an email to jobs at and g.lindahl at to ensure we've received it.

Thank you.