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By Kyle Ramsey 810181
#482244 VATSIM is requesting applications from those qualified and interested in filling the position of Vice President of Pilot Training which is a full voting member of the VATSIM Board of Governors, VATGOV14.

This Governor's primary responsibilities:

1. To accept, review and process applications and requests from organizations who wish to join the VATSIM Authorized Training Organization (ATO) program including audits to ensure ATOs comply with VATSIM rating guidelines.
2. To maintain and grow the current vision for the VATSIM pilot ratings program along with the Pilot Training Academy as a vehicle to meet the needs of all levels of the VATSIM pilot community to increase the enjoyment of the network for all participants.
3. To monitor the performance of, and recommend changes to, existing and future pilot ratings.
4. To hire, develop and terminate Pilot Training team members to assist in managing the department.
5. Respond in a timely manner to inquiries on pilot training issues and conduct investigations as may be directed/warranted and report any results to the Board of Governors.
6. Along with all members of the Board of Governors, assist in the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of new and/or improved services for VATSIM members.
7. Attend all scheduled Board of Governors voice meetings and participate in group debate and voting for motions.

The application format is that of a resume or CV, and should begin with the applicant's name, VATSIM ID number, email address, Skype address, or any other reliable means of contact. It should then describe the applicant's activities, skills and strengths as demonstrated both inside and outside the VATSIM network. The successful applicant for this role will have deep understanding of both commercial flight operations under ICAO rules as well as experience in developing and delivering education content adapted to adult learning styles.


1. Proven skills in management and personnel matters.
2. Knowledge and familiarity with the VATSIM Code of Conduct (COC), Code of Regulations (CoR), and User's Agreement (UA).
3. Holds at least a VATSIM P1 Pilot Rating
4. Be a member in good standing with a clean VATSIM record
5. Must be an active pilot on the VATSIM online system with verifiable hours sustained over time.
6. Must not have any significant disciplinary actions within VATSIM.
7. Should have a background in educational design and delivery with verifiable teaching experience, either real world or virtual.
8. Must be able to influence others and work proactively with other volunteers to resolve problems and develop opportunities to help move VATSIM to the next level.
9. Experience and credibility as a pilot; ATP level knowledge most desired.
10. Be able to commit up to 10-12 hours per week answering emails, updating web sites, developing new ratings, improving existing ratings, and performing physical audits for new and existing ATOs
11. Possess familiarity with the Pilot Training websites and tools a plus, experience producing or presenting training material through an online medium, and basic IT skills/qualification to manage the technology that delivers pilot training.

Applicants must be capable of committing significant free time to this position. 2 to 3 hours a day is not uncommon. Interested persons need to be able to communicate and set clear visions and targets and see these implemented and followed up.

The role is a full voting member of the Board of Governors, and is jointly accountable for the sustainable growth and development of the network, as well as maintaining an active community/network presence. Workloads vary but expect to read and answer emails 4-6 days per week.

This is a high profile position and the ideal candidate will be prepared to make a long term commitment.

Closing Date for Applications: Weds. Feb 18, 2015 - 2359z

Applications should be sent to the SELECTION PANEL via the email address [email protected]

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please take the time read all of the above requirements. Applicants that do not satisfy the key requirements will not be considered for the next step of the application process. A qualified applicant will not only be able to carry out the duties outlined, but will put forward ideas for growth opportunities in the position.
By Kyle Ramsey 810181
#482300 Edited to clarify the ATP knowledge requirement - it is the knowledge level, not the certificate, that is important.

And extended the cut off date to Feb 18 to allow a full two weeks since email NOTAM was sent (today).