By Maher Abaza 1371840
#523857 Position:
Jodan vACC ATC Traning Director [ACCJO4]

All applicants:
• Must hold at least a C1 rating and is able to undergo Instructor rating. However, already holding an INS rating is a plus.
• Having experience as a mentor is a plus.
• Must be familiar with VATSIM Middle East ATC operations and procedures.
• Should preferably have past experience in staff roles or other managerial positions.
• Must be a member in good standing of VATSIM with a clean record.
• Must at least dedicate 2 hours a week for ATC Training in Jordan vACC.
• Must be able to perform mentoring sessions in addition to controller practical tests [CPT].

All applications to be sent to VATME Director via email [[email protected]].
Applications open until the position is filled.