By Daniel Johnson 1370466
#533633 Bahrain vACC is looking to seek new potential candidates to join the vACC Board as the vACC Events and Media Director. Below lists the Responsibilities/Duties, Requirements and Some Essential Criteria.

Role Title: Bahrain vACC Events and Media Director Director [ACCBH4]
Responsible to:
  • Bahrain vACC Deputy Director [ACCBH2]
Responsible for:
  • Bahrain vACC Events Coordinator
  • Being an Active, and engaged Member of the Events and Media Team.
  • Assist in creating Events within the vACC, as well as coordinating with different vACC’s/Divisions for events within the respective airspace.
  • Assists in creating Social Media Posts for Bahrain’s Different Social Media Platforms (Facebook [Page and Group], Twitter, Youtube, etc)
  • Monitors and Moderates the vACC Social Media Platforms.
  • Answers Support Tickets relevant towards their Team.
Requirements/Essential Criteria:
  • Hold at least an S2 Rating, however, S3 is preferable.
  • Has had over 100 hours experience as a VATSIM/VATME Controller.
  • Be Familiar with VATSIM Middle East ATC Operations and Procedures, as well as Bahrain vACC Operations.
  • Must be in good standing in VATSIM for more than two years at the time of application.
  • Been a Resident within the VATSIM Africa Middle East Region for at least 6 months.
  • Been a Member of VATSIM for at least 12 months.
  • Demonstrate a Great Knowledge of Local Procedures, vACC Policies, Divisional and Regional Policy.
  • Has Good Communication Skills, has the ability to speak fluent English and works well in a Team.
  • Applications should include:
    • Full Name, Active E-Mail Address, and VATSIM CID
    • A Letter of Intent (An Overview of why you should be the Events and Media Director, things you can bring, etc)
    • Previous Experience (Past Staff Positions, Other Outside VATSIM roles/experiences that will help you within this position).
  • All Applications are to be sent to the Director via [email protected].
  • Applications will remain open until this position has been filled.