Plan a flight with other members
By Thomas Bagley 1375642
#513096 I am quite new to the whole VATSIM scene and have gotten most of the ATC down, as well as a lot of the flight. In short, I've came a long way but still need some help, as well as companionship.

All too often I forget to do simple things, like switch a route properly, change the altimeter, switch off SPD hold, enable spoilers, engage reversers. Once I get one thing down, another issue comes up.

A co-pilot would really help keep things in order as well as make FSX a whole lot more fun. We can share stories, laughs, and even discuss serious things if we get that comfortable. Companionship and safety is what this is all about. We can setup a Discord server for voice as well.

Anyone willing to join me in this endeavor is welcome. Just a little bit of critera.

You gotta be a friendly person.
It'd help if you fly for any Delta Virtual Airline.

That's it! Who'd like to be a co-pilot with me? :D