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By Robert Hamilton 866875
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Group Flight N.I. Pres. Super Sunday Sim Sessions -

Round 2 - Follow the A320 Sim Crew on a 13 Hour (yes unlucky 13. What could go wrong??) Sim session, streamed on twitch and on the VATSIM Network.

About The Event.

A Group of 10 Sim pilots will take it in turns to fly the fixed base Airbus A320 Simulator on sectors during the day. We will be streaming live on twitch. We have lots of prizes to give away and would like as many pilots and air traffic control to join us to make this as realistic as possible on the day.

Start time 0700z
End time 2000z

Please visit out website at
or our facebook page. for more information and answers to any questions.

We look forward to you joining us.


Group Flight NI Team