Plan a flight with other members
By Christoph Reule 1379750
#521967 On February 28, 2018, I started a new project: a flight in an oldtimer Bristol Bulldog IIA from Borkum (EDWR) to Port Elizabeth (FAPE). If you don't know this aircraft type, here's a picture from Wikipedia:


Currently (March 2, 2018) I'm "grounded" in Pirmasens (EDRP) for a fuel stop (maximum range is about 350 nm), heading for Donaueschingen-Villingen (EDTD).

Flightsim is FSX (SP2), real weather is provided by AS16 & ASCA.

Well, so much, so good... if you also like oldtimer aircrafts and would like to join me on any tour leg, feel free to post here. 8)