Plan a flight with other members
By Tristan Garratt 1412849
#540588 Hi All. I have spent the last couple of days planning to cross the pond, GA style. It starts with a PA28R Arrow III, heading from KDCA to KACK. Then we go towards CYHZ from KACK. At CYHZ we pick up our new beautiful DA62. We then fly from CYHZ to CYYT with this beauty. Then, we head to the Infamous CYYR (Goose Bay) which is where most people start their transatlantic journey from. We then head to CYFB, Iqaluit which is where we will go through Customs and security, from there we continue towards BGSF, then to BGKK, then to BIEG which is located in Iceland. Then we make the last leg towards EGPC where we collect an old friends PA28R Arrow III, and head down towards EGLC. If anyone wishes to join me, the first leg will be departing Saturday, 9AM AEDT.

Routes are linked in the PDF below.

Enjoy All!