Plan a flight with other members
By Daniel Doherty 1300355
#547939 Looking for someone to fly with on Vatsim on the same route or with SmartCopilot. I love flying on Vatsim but it can get quite boring on your own so it'd be great to fly with someone else. I currently have just under 300 hours on X-Plane so have some experience but still have a way to go!

If you have experience then that's amazing, I'd love to learn from you but I'm excited to fly with anyone regardless of experience!

If you're interested, add me on Discord D.Littlewood#2782 and I look forward to flying with you
By Daniel Doherty 1300355
Vladyslav Smaliychuk 1458669 wrote:Of course, 'cause the FSX is the only one which supports my graphic cappacity. Although I don't have DCS, but if it's necessary, I'll use it

Well, I don't have DCS but if you'd like to do a flight on FSX sometime then I'm up for that :)