Plan a flight with other members
By William Corbett 1308298
#509669 Hello everyone, recently I just bought Smart Co-pilot for X-plane 10 and was looking into doing a shared cockpit flight with someone.

A little about me:
I am 20 years old, Play X-plane 10 as an enthusiast, not a pilot in real life, and take X-plane on a very laid back and chill perspective. I don't take the sim to a 100% realism level, I like to chat in Teamspeak with friends when flying and have a few laughs when VATSIM frequencies are quiet. I make mistakes like any other person, correct them and have a little laugh or joke about it afterwards. I started Vatsim very light back in 2014 and progressively started getting more and more into it, to the point to where I fly almost every official VATUSA event, ESPECIALLY the Friday Night Ops. I have logged 87 hours on VATSIM and 860 hours on X-plane 10 alone.

What I fly (Smart Co-Pilot Compatible):
CRJ-200 (First payware plane I bought.) Smart Co-pilot Compatible
IXEG 737 (Recently bought, fly it almost every time I fly.) Smart Co-pilot Compatible

Who I am looking for:
A legal copy of everything. (Simulator, Aircraft, Addons, etc.)
Knows the basics of the plane and VATSIM. (I am not a teacher, I don't want to FULLY teach someone a plane or the simulator, however I will help on SOME parts of the plane or VATSIM if newer to the system than I am.)
Fly's in the USA.
Has Teamspeak 3 or willing to download it.
Has a working and clear microphone.
Speaks fluent english.
On the USA timezone.

If anyone is interested please PM me here on the VATSIM forums your "STEAM" contact information. In your contact message I will then give you a Teamspeak link where we can voice chat and hopefully get Smart Co-pilot set up and fly a leg or two!

Thank you for showing your interest.