Plan a flight with other members
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#523950 On this coming Saturday, May 19th, 2018 several members of the FSEconomy Community will be flying an Anniversary Hop on VATSIM to honor a small group of FSE pilots who have been flying together in Central Idaho. This is an "unofficial" event of like-minded Idaho Back Country virtual pilots who want to fly together.

We will be flying VFR flight in general aviation aircraft low and slow over and through the mountains of Central Idaho.

When: Saturday May 19, 2018

Time: Take offs begin at 1400 local USA MDT (2000Z UTC) from the starting point below.

Where: The "hop" will start at ID17, Seven Devils

Route: ID17 to 3U1 to U81 to I08 to 85U to ID67 to S81 (122 air miles in length start to finish)

These are some of the more difficult Idaho Back Country airstrips to fly in to and out of. Specifically, U81, I08, 85U, and ID67 (not Nampa, this is the old designation for the airstrip at Lower Loon Creek on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River) are all one way in and one way out. The chance to "go around" is very limited. This is Salmon River canyon flying...the River of No Return. One way or another, once committed to your approach, you will soon be on the ground...hopefully with an intact aircraft. :D

Looking forward to seeing you there.