Plan a flight with other members
By Jeffery Poblocki 1443193
#529768 Hello all!!! Let me introduce myself, my name is Jeff and I am a streamer. I love meeting new people and love playing games. I have had an obsession with aviation for about 30 years now. I want to learn all I can about it.

What I am seeking is a friend that is well versed in IFR flight rules and airliners. What I seek is someone to make a few flights with me and maybe show me the ropes on how to do things. I am very much a show me tell me, learner. I learn faster and retain more by being shown first and then doing it myself with constructive criticism in the end.

I am seeking someone that would like to do one or two flights a week with a max in air time of about 4 hours max. Most flights would be really short and be to neighboring states from my home airport. I am not afraid to learn in General AIrcraft first till the concept is burned into my mind before moving on to the big birds.

Anyone wishing to help me in my endeavors should be patient, as I like to ask questions to make sure that I completely understand the concept that is being taught to me. My biggest weakness right now would probably be flying in adverse conditions (snow rain winds ect) I know I ask a lot but anyone willing to help me learn more would have my undying gratitude for sure. I cannot afford to get my pilots license in rl as my financial situation just laughs in my face, so a virtual license will just have to do.
I have been told that I am a carefree fun to be around guy thats not afraid to have fun, but when its time to get busy its time to get busy. I have enrolled in the vatsim classes but a little in simulator time with someone that knows what they are doing certainly couldn't hurt could it?

I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from someone in the near future. RIght now for some reason I am unable to sign into the VATSIM Vpilot client it just says invaild cid /password even tho we know its right but member services is working on it.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

KC Artcc Clearance Delivery Controller
KSTL Home Airport.
By Maurice Reynolds 1454674
#533619 Hey there, hit me up on Fb at MoReyn 216 or IG send a DM and we can schedule some time to fly. I'd love to meet and fly with new friends on the VATSIM website. I am very experienced in flight and ATC and have some time to help others, so if you still want this, we can sure thing.
Fb-Mo Reynolds
IG: Mo Reyn 216
Happy flying!