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By Bryan Bartlett 1462066
#535778 Hello everybody! I posted this on the VATPAC forums, but decided given the fact I will be going around the world, I want to keep everyone in the loop on what I am doing.

I have began a 87 leg trip on X-plane in the Cessna 172 that will take me around the world! The trip will take me to the following countries:

Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, USA (Alaska), Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, UK, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, then back through Indonesia to Australia.

I will announce each leg ahead of time, in case you wish to fly the route with me, watch my stream, or provide ATC services. I will also post each leg's compiled video here to watch on your own time if you wish!

See you in the skies!

VH-VAL out!
By Bryan Bartlett 1462066
#535779 Leg 1/87: Archerfield (YBAF) to Rockhampton (YBRK)

Rocky start of the trip, I was delayed by almost an hour, and I was at fault for most of it! Landing in Rockhampton became a fight, as apparently I lost my left flap sometime in the trip!

Next leg will be Rockhampton (YBRK) to Palm Island (YPAM) September 20, 2019 at 2300z