Plan a flight with other members
By Alexander Deyneko 1187292
#536008 Hi,
I looking for someone for shared cockpit flights.
I prefer DC-3 VSkylab for crewed flights - this old machine with its "old style semi-autopilot" is super for team work! But we can use other plane.

I have TeamSpeak server for chatting during a flight.

If you interested - PM me.


Below you can see picture from a flight with friend in shared cockpit along one route of ALSIB
By Alexander Deyneko 1187292
Vladyslav Smaliychuk 1458669 wrote:For shared cockpit, it's necessary have x-plane? 'Cause I only have FSX

I have only X-Plane 11 :wink:
By Ken Stone 1443455
#538264 Im very interested in shared flight. I have xplane 11 and smart copilot. Easiest to addme on steam. Megahurt from Toronto Canada. I have an extra smart copilot licence to lend if you dont have one.
Im a licenced VFR pilot since 1982.. Lately ive been flying the 727 and i need help mastering IFR proceedures and radio comms in that regard. Id be very happy to co pilot with a pro or another newbie figuring things out together.

Heres a video of the 727 startup.. amazing old bird. ... XAzXLTHi4p
By Alexander Deyneko 1187292
#538421 Hi all,
It is still actual...

I am looking for a person who wants to fly DC-3/ C-47. We can fly VFR or IFR for long distance at the first. Or we even can meet and try to follow starting procedures according DC-3's check list (I will give it to you).

Don't hesitate if you not familiar with the aircraft - I will teach you or we will study it both :D

You should have:
1. X-Plane 11
2. Smart CoPilot plugin for X-Plane 11
3. DC-3/C-47 model for X-Plane 11 (vSkylab).

If you don't have DC-3, we can start with an aircraft of GA like Baron 58 or something like this.

Please contact me via:
Team speak:
or PM here.