By Nico Thomi 1294596
#528050 Hi everyone,

i have some issues with XSB.

Nr 1: i'm unable to select any Airline, Aircraft or livery when logging in.
Nr 2: i only see AI-Aircraft's as Cessna 172 (the type of plane i chose for the 8 AI-Models as recommended)

I reinstalled XSB a few times now and the issue is still present.
When i check the log file it states the following:
XSB WARNING: could not open ICAO document 8643 at D:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\..\Resources\Doc8643.txt
XSB WARNING: could not open related.txt at D:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\..\Resources\related.txt
XSB WARNING: we failed to find xpmp's custom lighting texture at D:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\..\Resources\lights.png.

All of these files are there and were not modified in any way since the download of XSB

I have absolutely no Idea on how to solve this issue and desperately Need your help guys.

By Christopher Collins 1304731
#528518 You've not installed XSB properly.

In the plugin folder, you should have an XSquawkBox folder which contains all the bits of the plugin. (This is why inside the top-most folder of the Zip-file, is the "XSquawkBox" folder itself - you drop the folder itself into plugins).

Make sure you remove all the parts of XSB you installed incorrectly before you attempt to fix this otherwise the incorrectly installed plugin will load first and block the correct one from loading.