By Christopher Collins 1304731
Andrew Morkunas 1017951 wrote:I just did a clean install of xPlane 11 and xSquawkbox. Connecting to VATSIM the first online model that came up was deformed.

This is nowhere near enough information to debug the issue given that legacy CSL works correctly for the vast majority of users, and I'm not going on a wild bughunt since legacy CSL support is deprecated (just I don't have an OBJ8 CSL set I can ship with XSB just yet) - I need enough information to reliably reproduce the fault and then I might look at it.

Please test with all other plugins disabled and with other aircraft (preferably stock X-Plane ones) and if that fixes it, try reintroducing the plugins (or aircraft) until it breaks.

If it persists, need detailed version information, log.txt, etc.

You will probably find the problem goes away if you download an OBJ8 CSL set (such as the bluebell one on and use that as the rendering path used is completely different.