By Yannik Zausig 1376086
#518479 Hey pilots and controllers,

this evening I made my first flight on VATSIM. It should go from EDDF to EGLL, but while in the FIR of Brussels (near WPT BUB) I suddenly got disconnected.
Langen Radar Low advised me to monitor UNICOM on 122,800, and I guess I made the mistake here: UNICOM means text messages primarily - and I just said something.

However, I was looking if there was any controller online like Maastricht or Brussel itself, but I didn't find anybody.

What to do now? That's a little bit confusing for me as a newbie.

Kind regards
By Magnus Meese 997444
#518481 No, just reconnect. You'll know if you've been forcefully removed. Both you and the servers can experience timeouts, this is normal. Unicom is for blind transmits and coordination with other people on text, but writing is optional. You can be penalised for abuse, but not for lack of use.
By Mark Richards 811451
#518488 I can confirm that you have not been suspended and are welcome to log back in at any time. I get disconnected occasionally and it is usually due to something at my end and rarely a server issue, but they do happen from time to time.
By Yannik Zausig 1376086
#518508 Thank you for your great replies Magnus and Mark. It was my first flight and I thought I'd know the general rules pretty well. :D
While on my first flight and after advised to monitor UNICOM, I was unsure how to know if there's any radar controller like Maastricht etc. online. So, here's the question (should we move this question to another topic?): do I need to switch servers in order to find other controllers outside Germany?

Kind regards
By Josh Glottmann 1275389
Yannik Zausig 1376086 wrote:Do I need to switch servers in order to find other controllers outside Germany?

No, all the servers are connected so you can see pilots/controllers regardless of which one you connect to.