By Karl-Tonis Lepp 923295
#518850 Hey there fellow simmers, developers of XSB.

My friend and I´are able to successfully connect to VATSIM when using smartcopilot and one of us enables proxy in the xsquawkbox settings, and the "slave" connects to the aforementioned proxy. Everything is perfect except for one thing - voice channels. It can be a hit and a miss. We haven't found a reliable solution to the problem yet, sometimes the "slave" is able to connect to a voice room, sometimes not. It doesn't matter who does the actual frequency change. Either way it's about a 50/50 chance. The host, however, is always successfully conneted.

Can anyone give some pointers? Is there something that can be done or is this inherently an issue with VATSIM voice servers?

I made a similar thread in the forums aswell.