By Christopher Collins 1304731
Andrew Allen 1410636 wrote:Okay guys, so I logged onto vatsim, and I went to press connect on XSquawkBox and this showed:

That should only happen when the server list has not downloaded properly or you've manually diddled with the contents of the server address field after setting the desired server (causing it to not match the entry in the server table).

That said, make sure your XSB Plugin is up to date first.

Check log.txt for information about the failure. If it looks like it should have known about the server from the lines in log.txt, please submit an issue report on the XSB website and be sure to include the FULL log.txt file. (including only excerpts of the log gets your report binned.)

(Also bear in mind that log.txt gets replaced every time you restart x-plane, so the moment you see it fail, you'll need to save the log file - a log.txt from a working run doesn't help me find the cause and then I can only bin the request).

Do not enter server IPs manually unless you're running X-Plane 9 or older with an unsupported version of XSB. You should never need to do this for normal operation. (Use of proxies is not normal operation).
By Christopher Collins 1304731
Dace Nicmane 1313735 wrote:Huh? I guess I have the same problem then. But I entered the IP address manually and it's working. XSB 1.3.3.

Of course that works - it's the equivalent of manually smashing a jackhammer repeatedly against a slab of concrete to break it up because you can't get the pneumatic supply to work. It gets the job done, but it's not efficient nor the right way.