By claus jensen 829975
#519991 I am flying the XP-10 x737-800 for Alaska .
When I "Connect", I make certain that the airline is ASA and the livery is Alaska "Disneyland".
My flightplan's callsign is ASxxx (xxx is whatever flight number applies).
For some reason, other VATSIM aircraft around me ONLY show up as either Alaska or Scandinavia, no matter what their callsigns are.
Can somebody point me too the settings I need to change to show other aircraft in their correct liveries?
Thank you.
By Dace Nicmane 1313735
#519995 Your callsign should be ASA (the ICAO code, not IATA). This (together with the correct aircraft type, B738) ensures others see you correctly as Alaska 738, but not necessarily Disneyland, depends on their settings.

For you to see other aircraft correctly, I suggest you install the Bluebell CSL package. You should see the right models for the most part, provided other pilots have entered their type and airline correctly.