By Col Williams 878783
#530624 Am very new to Xplane 11 and FSTramp but have been flying Vatsim for years using FS9 FSX etc etc. I am in a group who does a lot of VFR flying and it would be great if we could see Multiplayer aircraft in FSTramp like we do in PlanG and Little NavMap. The problem with those two is they only update every three mins for the other traffic. Have been told it is a XSquawkbox problem so any thoughts on how to get it working. My own aircraft shows up in FSTramp and updates every second so no problems there. It is a fantastic program when used with XPlane 11. Any ideas would be great.
By Christopher Collins 1304731
#530814 Haven't seen or even heard of FSTramp before.

Integration work like this falls on the other party to initiate and the FSTramp author hasn't made contact, so there's nothing more to say really.

Fundamentally, we can't use the X-Plane standard AI aircraft datarefs to pass the traffic to other plugins simply because X-Plane doesn't support anywhere close to libxplanemp's maximum count.

Right now, we selectively send aircraft to generate TCAS events, so planes closer to yours are prioritised, and we only send their positions, not their orientations.